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Organa Gold

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Gold: Shown to help joints, nerves, blood pressure and brain function.

Organa Gold

Anti-inflammatory properties

Research shows that colloidal gold can ease the swelling associated with inflammatory conditions like arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism, and tendinitis. For example, a study conducted by Dr. Peter Himmel and Dr. Guy Abraham in the 1997 edition of the Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine found that patients who were treated for pain with colloidal gold reported suffering far less than those who received the placebo.


Improved cognitive function

A study conducted by Souhaila McReynolds and Dr. Joel Dill for the Journal of Frontier Sciences showed that the subjects who ingested 30mg/day of colloidal gold over a 4-week period demonstrated considerable improvements in IQ than before the gold was administered. Unfortunately, the study also showed that the subjects' IQ scores returned to their prior levels between 1-3 months after they stopped taking the gold. Thus, individuals who wish to use colloidal gold for improved brain functioning are urged to consider long-term usage.


Enhanced moods

Since gold has a harmonizing effect on our bodies, it can help individuals who are suffering from imbalanced emotional or mental states like anxiety, depression, frustration, and sadness. Therefore, if you suffer from low vibrational states and have found that home remedies like St. John's wort could not improve them, consider taking between 15-30mg of colloidal gold daily for at least one month and see if your mood improves.


Neurological Improvements

Using colloidal gold may help improve neurological diseases in some patients, according to the Meridian Institute's Health and Rejuvenation Research Center. The Institute followed the case of a woman with essential tremor, a neurological disorder, who found that her symptoms subsided when she took colloidal gold and came back when she stopped taking it. However, the Institute's researchers recommend that more research be done on how colloidal gold works before patients with neurological disorders decide to try it.


Treatment of Tumors

The National Cancer Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health, recently completed a Phase 1 study of the use of colloidal gold to treat patients with advanced solid tumors. During the study, patients received colloidal gold intravenously. Some patients received regular treatments over three weeks, while others were given steadily increasing doses over three weeks. The study found that colloidal gold may help stabilize tumor growth in some patients or prevent new tumors from appearing.

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