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I work with high-level, competitive athletes,…who require a high degree of energy, strength and anaerobic capacity in order to perform optimally…I only recommend product that are of the highest quality and are proven effective to improve the health and performance of my clients. Organa Mineral Drink is one such product that has increased the energy, strength, stamina …while decreasing fatigue, muscle soreness and cramping….


Researcher of Nutritional Products

As a growing company, we were continually faced with the challenges of effective and timely access to high quality products. The help in formulating specialty nutraceuticals integrating your ionic minerals has been nothing but a sheer pleasure. Your integrity in maintaining the highest standard in quality of product as well as production standards in admirable.


Dr. S Davis


Ashley operates a sports nutrition store. She faithfully used the Organa Minerals during her pregnancy and during her workouts. She says, “I love Organa Minerals. I take them before work outs and before I go to bed. They make me feel alert and energized. I would recommend them to anyone who wants an energized life.”



For years I suffered and I mean really suffered with “restless leg syndrome”, leg cramps and muscle spasms. I was introduced to “Organa Mineral Drink” and within a couple of weeks I have been free from any more pain. When I have not taken the drink for a few days the pain returns with a vengeance. I am an “Organa Mineral Drink” user for life. I don’t need pain.



As a company looking for the highest quality and purity in natural health products, we are pleased to recommend Organa International and their exceptional plant based minerals. The naturally high level of fulvic acid, the chemical free extraction process and the stringent quality control of the end product assures the best ionic mineral solution available today. Organa stand alone as clearly superior.


K. Webb

CEO, Nutri-Link

I recently started taking your mineral drink. I have had bad neck pain…..I look at a computer screen all day. I started taking your mineral drink about 2 weeks ago. I have not had the bad neck pain since that time.



Since High School I have had an irregular heartbeat. At age 82 I began taking the “Organa Mineral Drink”. Gradually my heart irregularity disappeared. I have continued taking the mineral drink faithfully and at age 92, I have been able to avoid any type of medications. When I go to the doctor for any kind of check up, the nurses and doctors cannot believe I have no medications for anything. My health is wonderful for a man my age and every one I meet is impressed. I attribute this to the constant use of the wonderful Organa Mineral Drink.



I am a marathon runner. I have completed 4 marathons. For the first three, I struggled with dehydration during my 4 month training period. It was so severe that I ended up in the emergency last year 2 weeks before my race. This year I incorporated Organa”s minerals in my training routine. I found that not only did it prevent dehydration, but it was very effective in prevents muscle cramps and a quicker post run recovery. I won’t ever run without it again!

Stacey Curtis


Just a note to say thank you again for another wonderful product. Incorporating the Ionic Silver into my practice has aided me tremendously in dealing with a broad-spectrum of immune challenges in my patients. Patients find they no longer dread their health challenges since they find help and support when they use Ionic Silver. It’s easy to use, no bad taste and the results obvious and quick.

D.S. Cipoletti


I am a firm believer in you mineral drink….you have great products, but you actually seem to care about helping others (a fast disappearing quality in today’s fast paced world). My husband has been an electrician for over 30 years. He is very physically fit, but, (like most individuals in his trade), has had extremely painful tennis elbow (tendinitis) in his right arm. He wore a support on that forearm and we tried numerous supplements, ointments, and pain pills, but nothing helped. He was becoming progressively more limited in the use of that arm. Then, I got him started on the Organa Mineral drink. He was taking about one once in the morning and one once in the evening. After about one week, he started feeling better and a month later the pain has totally disappeared and he has complete use of his arm again! The product is great and so is your personal customer service!

S. From Kentucky


My name is Laura. I’m a aerobic instructor at Gold’s Gym in Utah. I’ve been an instructor for 17 years. I ran across the Organa Mineral Drink and I found that when I take a cap full before I work out, I have a lot more energy and stamina during my workout. The days that I don’t drink the mineral drink, I find that I drag a little bit and don’t seem to have as much energy. Also, I’ve had low iron and suffered from anemia. Since I’ve been drinking the Organa Mineral Drink, I haven’t had to take the iron supplements. I really enjoy this product.



Training for an Ironman Triathlon is no easy task. The Organa minerals work well for me during my heavy training weeks. I notice an instant boost of energy and mental clarity right away. It carries me through the challenging times of the week when I feel tired. My energy levels are sustained and I am able to perform at my best. Organa minerals taste great. I mix them in my water bottles on my long bike rides to keep my electrolytes in balance.

Clayton O.


No Charlie Horses! I started taking Organa Mineral Drink in November (5 months ago). I have had less than 10 total Charlie Horses. Before I was getting 2-3 per night as well as several during the day.

Carol C.


The Organa Mineral Drink really does work for middle of the night leg cramps.

Bill R.


The “Relieve Cream” is true happiness. I’m more joyful. I want to stop the bone loss.

Della J.


As a bodybuilder, it is very important to supplement correctly. One year ago I was introduced to the Organa Minerals. I never realized what I had been missing. Adding 78 minerals to my diet was exactly what I needed. My energy levels increased dramatically during my workouts and my immune system grew stronger.

Jason H.


I’m in the food distribution business. I started taking an ounce of Organa’s Mineral Drink in the morning and evening. I began to notice a slight improvement in my stiffness. I have arthritis in my lower back. I began to notice even more flexibility in my lower extremities. This is a wonderful product.

Ed in Cleveland Ohio


I have taken Organa Mineral Drink for several years now and have found that I don’t get colds and I feel great which means a lot because I have Rhuemetoid Arthritis and I have not had to take any anti-inflamatory drugs form the pharmacy for several years.

S. Hart


I would like to express my great joy at finding this mineral composition. I thought I had found what I needed months ago but the price was way out of line. Yours is even better. I had developed painful leg, feet, and hand cramps…mostly at night. I was amazed and delighted from the first 24 hour period. I have had no more night cramps since then. I am not going to be without this formula in my life. Happiness is having the right answer for my problem. Thanks for putting this product together.

Colette S.


My husband and I have been drinking this mineral drink since November 1998. We discovered it is a wonderful product. After 2 months, I started noticing my painful hands were coming back to normal. Doctors and chiropractic help never got me well. Now I can enjoy doing things around the house and chores with very little pain. We like to maintain healthy life style with continued use of Organa’s Mineral Drink. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Mrs. Sprange


I have been using Organa Minerals for almost 2 years and I am very pleased with the relief I have received from my painful arthritis. I have used several other minerals but did not care for the taste. Even juice did not help the bitter taste. I have recommended Organa products to a number of friends and relatives and they are having the same favorable results.



I get nervous legs and the Organa Mineral Drink helps me to relax at night and go to sleep.



If I take 1 oz. of the Organa Mineral Drink before I play golf, I have more stamina and feel better balance in every way.

Laura B.


Prior to taking Organa Minerals, I would have to get up with terrible leg cramps 2 or 3 times a night. Since taking Organa Minerals, I have not had one leg cramp at night. The product is fantastic.

Joan J.


Organa’s premium mineral supplement contains organic substances which have greatly improved my personal health and ability to ward off communicable diseases.

David G.


My wife started using another brand of progesterone cream and I got her to try your product. I am happy to report she now is somewhat panicked when she runs out and is happy to use Organa’s “Relieve” product.


Jim H.


Thank you for the progesterone cream. Besides using it myself, I share it with my Doula clients. Immediately after childbirth, I have them apply the cream to help balance the level of progesterone in their bodies. This largely helps with the “baby blues” and helps them feel better after the birth. I recommend it highly.