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April 16, 2019 1 min read

In August of 1997, a distributor of health food supplements commissioned a technician to conduct a “Brownian Movement” survey of mineral drinks currently on the market.

The term “Brownian Movement” refers to and is synonymous with the term “Kinetic Energy”. All created things found in the physical world are vibrating at their own unique frequencies which can be measured. If an item can be placed in an aqueous solution then under special lighting and conditions of magnification (at 10,000 X or better), particles of minerals or other substances can be viewed for their “Brownian Movement”.

This term is also used by many in the scientific community to describe the life force of the substance under consideration. If “Brownian Movement” is present, the substance is said to have life, or in the case of a food or supplement, it is said to have the ability to sustain life or enhance the health and well-being of the person using or consuming it.

After testing 150 products competing with the Organa drink and having very minimal but unsatisfactory results, the Organa sample was supplied and tested. The difference in the mineral content and the individual mineral “Brownian Movement” was striking.


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