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The Importance of Iron and Why You May Need Supplements

August 04, 2022 3 min read

The Importance of Iron and Why You May Need Supplements

Iron may naturally be a part of your diet as it can be found in certain foods. It is an essential part of hemoglobin in humans, the blood protein that delivers oxygen to the body's tissues. It is crucial for growth and development and supports physical and neurological development.

This article will run you through the benefits of taking iron supplements to add more iron to your diet.

The Health Benefits Associated with Iron

Getting adequate iron has several positive effects on health. It primarily aids in preserving vitality because hemoglobin is in charge of transporting oxygen to every region of our body, and oxygen is necessary for our bodies to operate. Increasing our iron intake helps us make up for this shortfall and can reduce tiredness.

Ion has also been related to cognitive performance and brain health. This is logical given that the brain expends a lot of energy and that it can't function as well without proper nutrition and oxygen.

How Much Iron Do You Need?

TheRDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) for iron in adults in the United States is 8 mg for males and 18 mg for women (between the ages of 19-51). Eight milligrams of iron should be consumed daily by those 51 and older. The RDA is greater for pregnant women, at 27 mg. That's because a woman's body produces considerably more blood during pregnancy, which raises the need for hemoglobin and, subsequently, iron.

Although some iron supplements offer amounts far greater than the RDA, it's crucial to remember that getting extra iron isn't necessarily a good thing. The current adult upper limit for iron supplementation is 45 mg/day.

Natural Sources of Iron

Lean meat and seafood, such as cattle, poultry, oysters, and sardines, are good dietary sources of iron. However, we don't exclusively get our iron from meat in our diet. Dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, legumes like white beans or kidney beans, lentils, and fortified meals (like certain cereals, rice, and bread) are examples of plant-based foods high in iron.

Indications of Iron Deficiency

Someone with a severe iron deficiency will experience excessive exhaustion because of low hemoglobin levels.

Anemia (low amounts of red blood cells) and weariness are significant indications of iron deficiency. Insufficient oxygen owing to low hemoglobin levels in the blood can also cause other symptoms, including lightheadedness, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, and shortness of breath.

People Who Tend to Have Less Iron in the Body

Even though some people may obtain enough iron from their diets alone, specific populations are more susceptible to iron deficiency. These include vegans, pregnant women, teenage girls, heavily menstruating women, and regular blood donors. A simple method to assist your health and get the rewards of proper iron consumption is to take an iron supplement.

What to Look for in Iron Supplements

It's crucial to pick an iron supplement that offers the correct dose for your needs. Some people could require greater quantities of iron if they are severely iron deficient, but others might need a lesser dose. 

No matter how much iron you require, choose a supplement that offers iron in mild, easily absorbed forms, such as liquid mineral supplements and other nano mineral products.


While it could be possible to get the right amount of iron in your diet, it's difficult to do so for many people. Iron supplements can aid in ensuring we get the right amount of iron in our diet to keep our bodies strong and energetic.

There are plenty of choices, such as nano mineral products and tablets, available when it comes to iron supplements. It's essential to take time when selecting the right one for you.

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