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June 05, 2019 3 min read

There is much confusion around the issue of organic vs. inorganic minerals and the efficacious application of one over the other.  The questions arise because of conflicting statements about minerals on the internet and a misunderstanding about minerals in general.

Some people say we can only utilize mineral elements if we get them from food or organic sources, others believe inorganic pills will supply our mineral needs.  Others are proponents of liquid sources in an ionic form such as mineral water.  The only thing it seems that people agree on is that we do in fact need mineral supplementation with our diet.  Really, it makes no difference where you get your minerals if you are knowledgeable in what to look for in a mineral supplement. 

First, what makes a mineral hard to digest?  There are 3 factors which make a mineral difficult for your body to metabolize: insolubility, a complex molecular structure, and large particle size.  These factors inhibit the body’s ability to break down the mineral where it can be utilized by the cells.  The body can digest larger, more tightly bound minerals but it has only 6-8 hours to do this as minerals pass through the stomach and small intestines.  If the minerals are not broken down to an atomic state by this time, they cannot be utilized at a cellular level.

Science and experience show us that plant-based minerals are an excellent mineral source.  Why?  A plant takes the inorganic minerals from the soil where it is growing.  It then synthesizes them into a molecular size and form by uptake in the root where the minerals are combined with water and pushed through the entire plant.  Organic minerals are hundreds of times smaller than inorganic minerals which have not been synthesized and their molecular structure is simple.  When we ingest a plant, the minerals we are eating have already been metabolized once through the plant making them bio-available for our bodies.  Organa Mineral Drink is made by leaching the minerals from humic ore, earth containing decomposed plant life. 

Organa Crystalline Nano Minerals are not organic minerals.  They are not derived from plants but are man-made.  Though Crystalline Nano Minerals are man-made, they are nevertheless just as bio available for the body.  The body does not distinguish between an iron atom that came from a plant or an iron atom that came from a rock.  It is perceived as an atom of iron that can then be used at a cellular level.  If the iron has a small particle size and is simple in its molecular structure, it can be metabolized quickly and efficiently.  Organa uses a proprietary process to make crystalline nano minerals.  There are no salts or proteins added to the minerals to keep them in solution.  The water is tested before manufacturing to ensure it is pure distilled water.  We test the solution after the manufacturing process to provide accurate mineral content.  The end result is a solution of pure mineral particles that are between 10-50 nano-meters in size.  At this size, particles can pass through the skin cells.

Both Organa Trace Mineral Drink and Organa Crystalline Nano Minerals are bio-available mineral supplements.  Both are wonderful options when looking to supplement your dietary needs. 


* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.