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By adding extra minerals and essential oils to Organa Mineral Drink, Uplift is designed to help you not only maintain your health but also fight illness.

Uplift is a product which targets the health of the body as well as the ability to fight off colds and viruses.  The base of Uplift is Organa Mineral Drink with 78 trace minerals which is rich in fulvic acid.  This strengthens the body with much needed minerals for healthy living.  These minerals are extracted exclusively from an ancient plant source using a natural process that does not harm the minerals like heat and chemicals do.  Zeolite is added which helps detoxify the body.  Additional crystalline nano minerals are added to help the body in several areas.  Silver is added to boost the immune system, Zinc and Gold to help the immune system and brain functions. Copper is added to help red blood cells, Indium which helps with the immune system and energy, Iridium and Rhodium which help with cellular metabolism and brain function and Ruthenium which acts as a super conductor.

A special blend of pure essential oils is added; cinnamon, clove, orange, oregano and rose.  These oils together all have anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-septic and other healing properties

Uplift is sold in 32 oz. bottles.


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