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Our Story


The story of Organa International begins early in 1995 when Sam Curtis, the developer of Organa Mineral Drink, was sent a sample of another company’s mineral drink along with a taped lecture of Dr. Joel Wallack. Mr. Curtis realized at that point it was time to start a personal program of mineral supplementation. For the next year he used a product made from the humic shale of Southern Utah. The product had a most objectionable flavor. Mr. Curtis then decided that it was time to market a good- tasting product that was natural and that contained all of the major and trace minerals that are needed by the body every day. The new product also had to meet the manufacturing standard that would maintain nature’s nutritional integrity.

After considerable experimentation, a good tasting alternative was developed from a natural leaching method. Nutritional value was not compromised with heat, sulfuric acid or sodium hydroxide. Organa International was then formed to offer to the market a new mineral supplement. Organa Mineral Drink is made with the consumers health and well being as the most important consideration. Organa International also produces other natural uncompromised consumer health-related products.

When Mr. Curtis retired in 2012 Larry Mills purchased the company.

"I was so impressed with the products and how they helped me personally, I wanted to make sure that the same standard of manufacturing was kept in place. I also wanted to make sure that these great products were available to as many people as possible."

Brownian Movement

In August of 1997, a distributor of health food supplements commissioned a technician to conduct a “Brownian Movement” survey of mineral drinks currently on the market.

The term “Brownian Movement” refers to and is synonymous with the term “Kinetic Energy”. All created things found in the physical world are vibrating at their own unique frequencies which can be measured. If an item can be placed in an aqueous solution then under special lighting and conditions of magnification (at 10,000 X or better), particles of minerals or other substances can be viewed for their “Brownian Movement”.


Organa International carefully prepares its products. There are no chemicals or heat used during manufacturing, which means the minerals you drink are just as mother nature made them. Organa supplements are life sustaining and life enhancing.

Your health is our priority. We promise our best efforts to provide the highest quality supplements and body care products.

Your wellness is our goal!